Alden Tyrell

For more than a decade, Dutchman Alden Tyrell has been tirelessly crafting away on a range of electronic sounds. Recalling the motifs of Detroit and Chicago clubs and radio stations gone by, combining robotic basslines with rich synth lines and doing it all alongside peers like I-F, Dexter and Legowelt, it’s not too bold to say Tyrell is one of the leading names in his field, despite his modest claims only to “push buttons until I hear something that rocks.”

From his Rotterdam base, there have been hot anthems like 1999’s ‘Love  Explosion’ landmark collaborations with old school heroes like Egyptian Lover and plenty more pumping electro-fried offerings on esteemed labels like Clone and Viewlexx. Often taking his live sounds and arpeggiator love on the road, highlights have included appearances at several festivals as well as clued-up clubs all across Europe and the States.

I push buttons until I hear something that rocks.”

Alden Tyrell

But the Dutchman’s investment in his art also runs deeper: a large part of his time is spent mastering music for Clone Records, the associated Dutch imprints as well as for a range of international labels. Tyrell’s unassuming approach - “I just want to enjoy myself in the studio…if people enjoy what comes out the other side then I very much appreciate it” - coupled with his love of crafting the past in the here and now; combing elements of futurism with streaks of retroism, are the things that make him quite the indefinable talent he is.

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