Circle Of Live

Circle Of Live is an experience unhindered from any formal structure, allowing both the performers and audience to explore the boundaries of electronic music improvisation in all of its raw beauty. Sebastian Mullaert curates a collective of acclaimed, electronic live artists who express themselves and interact at leading venues around the world.

Since the launch in July 2018, each of the all-night-long, freeform improvised jam sessions comprise of both collaborative and solo performances, with no set times decided in advance, allowing the natural flow to lead the way.

The Circle Of Live record label releases selected cuts from the live jams, offering a snapshot into the weird and wonderful fruit of collaborative live performance.


Amp Fiddler, Boelja, Dorisburg, Eitan Reiter, Frank Wiedemann (Âme Live), Johanna Knutsson, Laurence Guy, Leafar Legov, Ljudbilden & Piloten, Mathew Jonson, Matt Karmil, Neel, Peter Van Hoesen, Steevio & Suzybee, Steffi, The Mole, Tobias, Vril and Sebastian Mullaert himself.


Jul 8th 2018 - Freerotation Festival - Wales, UK

Oct 5th 2018 - The Block - Tel Aviv, IL

Oct 19th 2018 - Lux - Lisbon, PT

Oct 27th 2018 - Inkonst - Malmo, SE

Nov 2nd 2018 - Concrete - Paris, FR

Nov 24th 2018 - Nitsa - Barcelona, ES

Dec 14th 2018 - Shelter - Amsterdam, NL

Dec 20th 2018 - Funkhaus - Berlin, DE

Jan 11th 2018 - Blitz - Munich, DE

Jan 26th 2018 - Fuse - Brussels, BE

Feb 2nd 2018 - Village Underground - London, UK

May 26th 2019 - Movement Festival - Detroit, UK

Jun 6th 2019 - Red Bull Music Festival - Stockholm, SE

Jun 27th 2019 - Arte Concert - Paris, FR

July 19th 2019 - Nitsa - Barcelona, ES

Aug 14th 2019 - Waking Life - Crato, PT

Aug 17th 2019 - Vent - Tokyo, JP

Aug 22nd 2019 - Mutek - Montreal, CA

Aug 24th 2019 - Knockdown Centre - New York, US

Sep 15th 2019 - Griessmuhle, Berlin, DE

Sep 27th 2019 - Malmo Live, Malmo, SE

Sep 28th 2019 - Dehors Brut, Paris, FR

Oct 19th 2019 - Radion - Amsterdam, NL

Oct 26th 2019 - Tama, Poznan, PL

Nov 9th 2019 - Inkonst, Malmo, SE

Nov 15th 2019 - Lux, Lisbon, PT

Nov 23rd 2019 - Mutek, Mexico City, MX

Nov 29th 2019 - Le Zoo, Geneva, CH

Dec 20th 2019 - The Block, Tel Aviv, IL

Dec 21st 2019 - Dehors Brut, Paris, FR

Jan 25th 2020 - Warehouse, Los Angeles, US

Jan 24th 2020 - Public Works, San Francisco, US

Mar 20th 2020 - Bassiani, Tbilisi, GE

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