Dexter’s first brush with the electronic music world was on the dancefloor as part of a breakdance crew. Back then he learnt the power of rhythm and how to move a floor, and it is something that has stayed with him through a long career producing everything from pioneering electro to deeper house and raw techno. In cahoots with Panoramabar resident Steffi he started no-nonsense label Klakson whilst releasing on Clone, Rush Hour and Ostgut Ton himself. With more than a decades experience as a live artist and DJ, there is little the man cannot do; few places he hasn’t played. Dexter speaks when he has something to say. And when he does, the world listens.

I don’t care.”


Enduring Dutch electro specialist Dexter came at the dance music world from the same side as you and I…the dancefloor. After initially hanging out with a breakdance crew in his native Holland, Remy Verheijen decided he was more concerned by what the man behind the decks was doing. As such and before long, he stole decks from his parents, bought his own Boss Dr. Rhythm digital DR-220 and got given his first sampler. “Being a gear freak it was the drum machines, samplers and synths I liked,” he remembers about the first acid music he heard. “But I still didn’t think of it as house.” 

Nowadays of course, the perennially innovative Dexter is just as unconcerned with categorization. Since he got to grips with his hardware toys as a youth, he has gone on to define a number of different sounds. As a key figure in the electro scene, but tired of the all too serious and puritan Dutch attitude, he started the label Klakson together with Panorama Bar resident Steffi and Steven de Peven. The first two releases ‘I Don’t Care’ and ‘Intruder’ became ubiquitous hits and perfectly set the tone for a label that is just as revered today. Soon it will be kick started once more with some new Dexter solo material that marks something of a return to the sound of his early days. 

With a discography that spans the worlds of house, techno and electro, Dexter is also closely associated with the Clone label thanks to inventive bangers such as ‘Space Booty’, ‘Fat Skinny People’ and ‘Great Northern Diver’. Dexter also still collaborates with close friend Steffi, and recently they released the variously ripping, aquatic and euphoric EP on Dolly Dubs. It is made with the same authentic passion and deep seated understanding of groove as are the man’s eclectic DJ sets, which have recently found him going back to his CD and vinyl playing roots. Energetic, tightly mixed and coherently selected things, they take him around the world since decades after first starting out, still put most of the world to shame. 

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