Florian Kupfer

Florian Kupfer’s house and techno sounds are rough and impulsive, but also poignant and emotionally resonant. 

The German has been following that path since 2010, ever since experiencing a set from influential L.I.E.S. label boss Ron Morelli turned his musical world upside down. From that point on, Kupfer forged ahead with heavy kick drums, thick tape hiss and sparse melodies and soon released his debut EP Lifetrax (with the modern cult classic track ‘Feelin’) on L.I.E.S. More perfectly imperfect and engaging music followed on Russian Torrent Versions, as did a collaboration with Willie Burns on Rush Hour and an expressive EP, Explora, on Ninjatune’s sub-label, Technicolour.

The Wiesbaden-born former choirboy got his musical education at Robert Johnson. He soon went on to delve into the world of Detroit techno, and artists like Omar S, Larry Heard, Drexcyia and Ron Hardy.  The impulsiveness, realness and rawness of those artists still informs him to this day, as do the textures of EBM and industrial bands like Chris & Cosey, DAF and Nitzer Ebb. It is these sorts of sounds you will hear in a Kupfer DJ set: next to techno, he delves into experimental proto-house sounds that defined the clubs of Chicago and New York in the late eighties. He mixes them up according to the chemistry of the club and the crowd, but always aims to entertain with his knowing eclecticism. 

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