Every DJ would like to think them­selves a real musi­cal con­nois­seur, but Hunee real­ly is — it’s not him that says so, but pret­ty much any­one else when­ev­er the man born Hun Choi pops up in con­ver­sa­tion. His DJ sets have of course tak­en him all over the world from Aus to Asia, Amer­i­ca to Europe, but they take lis­ten­ers much fur­ther. As like­ly to draw for a clas­sic house record as he is a dis­co curve­ball, a boo­gie delight or mix­ing an African bomb into a tech­no record, each selec­tion he makes is a thing of true pas­sion – you can see it not only in his eyes, but so too in the eyes of those danc­ing along. 

Report­ing that he feels blessed every time he gets to play music for peo­ple, Hunee’s sole goal is to enrich the lives of lis­ten­ers as much as pos­si­ble. His own pro­duc­tions have always man­aged to do that, too. So far they have proven to be huge­ly con­sid­ered and cul­tured things that have arrived on labels like Rush Hour, Future Times and W.T. Each one is dif­fer­ent but each one has a cer­tain kinked funk, true sense of soul or love­able house her­itage that puts them up there with the best of the rest. 

Along the way Hunee takes inspi­ra­tion from peo­ple who live it to the max, to the bone” and con­sid­ers him­self to be just part of the way along a nev­er-end­ing jour­ney. As such, the future promis­es more such delights for this noto­ri­ous­ly deep dig­ger in the form of a debut album on Rush Hour in 2014I just try to do my own thing,” he says humbly, and no-one could argue with that. 

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