A good record is a good record you know. It rocks or it does­n’t rock!”


I‑F (Inter­rFer­ence) is the time­less DJ, pro­duc­er and broad­cast­er from The Hague who has been mak­ing, unearthing, shar­ing, spin­ning and defin­ing myr­i­ad dif­fer­ent elec­tron­ic sounds since his emer­gence in the 90s. He’s the chef behind Inter­galac­tic FM, Viewlexx, Mur­der­cap­i­tal, and was respon­si­ble for pos­si­bly one of the biggest elec­tro tunes in his­to­ry. From Ita­lo dis­co to acid, house to elec­tro, I‑F knows and plays it all. 

He is a fierce DJ, one who has more music to call upon than most and one who does so with skill, great sto­ry telling abil­i­ty, infec­tious charis­ma and plen­ty of under­stand­ing of dance­floor dynam­ics. Nev­er mak­ing a pre­dictable pull and not afraid of tak­ing risks, his pas­sion for sound is unbri­dled, and that unadul­ter­at­ed love always shines though in the inim­itable DJ sets he per­forms all around the world.

Ital­ian vio­len­ta from the 70’s are a fetish for me, and Hen­ry Sil­va is my all-time favorite hit­man. He can wack me any day, it’d be an honour.”


As a pro­duc­er, I‑F was behind the 1997 hit Space Invaders Are Smok­ing Grass,” a track that is often cred­it­ed with effec­tive­ly invent­ing elec­tro, while his mix Mixed Up in the Hague, Vol. 1 is regard­ed as one of the finest com­pi­la­tions ever put togeth­er. As a label head, I‑F runs both Viewlexx and Mur­der­cap­i­tal with the same unique sense of direc­tion and con­tin­ues to define tech­no trends as a result. From 2002 to 2008 he sent Cyber­net­ic Broad­cast­ing Sys­tem (CBS) out across the dig­i­tal air­waves, lat­er evolv­ing it into Inter­galac­tic FM, the con­tro­ver­sial mul­ti-chan­nel radio sta­tion that broad­casts, as they put it, crazy crazy music” world­wide, 247 includ­ing old school, new school, synth obscu­ri­ties and hor­ror sound­tracks via dark dis­co and any­thing else you can imagine.

Oh and don’t for­get to click the Guc­ci ads while lis­ten­ing, for all you know you could be wear­ing the wrong shoes.”


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