A good record is a good record you know. It rocks or it doesn’t rock!”


I-F (InterrFerence) is the timeless DJ, producer and broadcaster from The Hague who has been making, unearthing, sharing, spinning and defining myriad different electronic sounds since his emergence in the 90s. He’s the chef behind Intergalactic FM, Viewlexx, Murdercapital, and was responsible for possibly one of the biggest electro tunes in history. From Italo disco to acid, house to electro, I-F knows and plays it all. 

He is a fierce DJ, one who has more music to call upon than most and one who does so with skill, great story telling ability, infectious charisma and plenty of understanding of dancefloor dynamics. Never making a predictable pull and not afraid of taking risks, his passion for sound is unbridled, and that unadulterated love always shines though in the inimitable DJ sets he performs all around the world.

“Italian violenta from the 70’s are a fetish for me, and Henry Silva is my all-time favorite hitman. He can wack me any day, it’d be an honour.”


As a producer, I-F was behind the 1997 hit “Space Invaders Are Smoking Grass,” a track that is often credited with effectively inventing electro, while his mix Mixed Up in the Hague, Vol. 1 is regarded as one of the finest compilations ever put together. As a label head, I-F runs both Viewlexx and Murdercapital with the same unique sense of direction and continues to define techno trends as a result. From 2002 to 2008 he sent Cybernetic Broadcasting System (CBS) out across the digital airwaves, later evolving it into Intergalactic FM, the controversial multi-channel radio station that broadcasts, as they put it, “crazy crazy music” worldwide, 24/7 including old school, new school, synth obscurities and horror soundtracks via dark disco and anything else you can imagine.

Oh and don’t forget to click the Gucci ads while listening, for all you know you could be wearing the wrong shoes.”


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