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Kittin & The Hacker

For 25 years, the myth­i­cal duo Kit­tin & The Hack­er AKA Car­o­line Hervé and Michel Ama­to have tra­versed the land­scape of elec­tro as DJs, musi­cians, and pro­duc­ers. The triple-threat artists pio­neered the elec­tro­clash genre as they worked on both col­lab­o­ra­tive and solo projects. This year, reignit­ing their col­lab­o­ra­tion and embark­ing on a tour fea­tur­ing a live set fea­tur­ing The Hack­er on the turnta­bles and Kit­tin on vocals.

Their part­ner­ship blos­somed in the entranc­ing con­text of 90s raves, quick­ly dis­cov­er­ing their com­ple­men­tary artis­tic natures. After col­lab­o­rat­ing while on the road, their coop­er­a­tion went from strength to strength while they for­ayed into new, uncom­pro­mis­ing grounds. Their first release, titled First Album hit the scene in 2001 on DJ Hel­l’s label, Gigo­lo Records. A son­ic explo­sion from which came the unsink­able Frank Sina­tra,” and 1982,” — still pop­u­lar two decades post-release. In 2009, they sweet­ened their sound and released Two, which infused their elec­tron­i­ca with pop influ­ences while mak­ing clear their bound­less free­dom of expression.

For 13 years, the duo has worked on solo projects, the hia­tus explained by them­selves as being due to the nature of their rela­tion­ship, jok­ing that the way we work, we only make music togeth­er when we miss each oth­er musi­cal­ly.” If that is the case, then absence has tru­ly made their musi­cal hearts fonder as, after a vis­it by Kit­tin in 2018, The Hack­er shared some new sounds. This would be the begin­ning of their Third Album.

The pair are mutu­al­ly delight­ed to dip in and out of col­lab­o­ra­tion, return­ing to their recent project with as much ease as in the ear­ly days. In only a few hours, some sim­ple loops became near-accom­plished pieces. With a shared dri­ve, they decid­ed to redis­cov­er the rad­i­cal­ism of their begin­nings, far from the codes and trends at the time. Their new opus would be released some months lat­er, but with­out hav­ing lost an ounce of pow­er along the way. Third packs a punch, with its eight tracks work­ing both in uni­son and indi­vid­u­al­ly, in and of their own bril­liance. Sub­tly mix­ing per­son­al ref­er­ences and uni­ver­sal themes, Third suc­ceeds in being relat­able with­out indulging in clichés. 

Authen­tic and fun­da­men­tal­ly uni­fy­ing, Third Album leaves the audi­ence want­i­ng more. These wish­es will be grant­ed as the duo return in 2022 with unwa­ver­ing energy.

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