Nature Boy

Milo Johnson is Nature Boy, a name synonymous with raw, bass heavy house sounds. It has been that way since he started the project in 1992 after moving from Bristol to New York. Using a basic set up and some original analogue hardware, his timeless sound was a product of growing up in Bristol’s West Indian community as a child and later the love of early house masters and funk practitioners like Chic and Parliament Funkadelic.

I think it’s important to play records as close to the original speed as possible”

Nature Boy

His recently re-released ‘Ruff Disco Volume One LP’ is a classic of the genre. Ranging from slow but tough and heavy grooves to blissed out disco house jams with loose drums, it is imbued with gorgeous soul and epitomises this artist’s real and authentic style. His DJ sets are just as essential and from the heart, and focus exclusively on vintage house music pre 1994 that ranges from Chicago, New York and New Jersey to Detroit and early European releases. Importantly, like his enthrallingly ramshackle productions, they are always driven by a firmly rooted groove. “I think it’s important to play records as close to the original speed as possible,“ adds this dexterous and knowledgeable selector who has his own set of rules.

Nature Boy regards any size club as his home but has a preference to play in smaller dimly lit environments so that dancers can focus purely on the music, and he can connect with the audience on a more personal level. Next up are more reissues of his classic material, and an album of recently uncovered and previously released tracks.

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