Legowelt releases The Occult Orientated Crime Album

In response to what he sees as a glut of weak ambient music, Legowelt has turned out a special and unannounced new album: The Occult Orientated Crime Album. As ever it is an essential release that proves Danny Wolfers operates in his own mystical world miles away from the norm. You can get the ambient album - released on his own new label Nightwind Records - here. A personal message posted on his LegoweltMusic?fref=ts" target="_blank">Facebook says it all: "Extremely trippy PRO ambient not just some jumbled up random chiliwave overcompressed 80s retro soggy biscuit jerkoff --- this is PROFESSIONAL AMBIENT - 100% psychedelic drug music with perfectly finetuned selected frequencies to alter your state of mind and take you to complete loss of subjective self-identity: the result of years of experimentation and research."

For more info on Legowelt check out his full artist profile over here.

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