Peter Van Hoesen opens synth studio in Berlin, releases Seventy Secrets

Putting all his expert knowl­edge to good use, Time to Express boss Peter Van Hoe­sen has gone in with Mar­co Freivo­gel of Exer­cise One and Ricar­do De Azcue­na­ga of birds­mak­ing­ma­chine to open up a synth stu­dio in Berlin’s Kreuzberg dis­trict. Called Handw­erk Audio, it’s a synth and drum machine col­lec­tion you can use by appoint­ment. Clas­sics from Roland, Sequen­tial Cir­cuits, ARP, Moog and Korg, all fea­ture and you can read more over on RA.

In oth­er PvH news, the accom­plished sound smith has just released Sev­en­ty Secrets, a new EP on his own label that fea­tures some mag­i­cal ambi­ent (that was orig­i­nal­ly writ­ten as the open­ing track to his set at Labryinth 2014 in Japan) as well as some more swim­ming tech­no funk.

For more info on Peter Van Hoe­sen check out his full artist pro­file over here.

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