Dommune set Marco Shuttle and Peter Van Hoesen

For those who missed it when it was broad­cast­ed live from the well known live stream­ing stu­dio in Tokyo last week; the record­ed sets of both Mar­co Shut­tle and Peter Van Hoe­sen at Dom­mune are now to be found online. Mar­co Shut­tle deliv­ers an inter­est­ing ambi­ent and tech­no jour­ney with an eerie mood, and Peter whilst start­ing from there, ends up play­ing a supris­ing­ly funky house set. All and all it’s 3 hours of lis­ten­ing plea­sure for us to enjoy.

For more info on Mar­co Shut­tle or Peter Van Hoe­sen check out their full artist pro­file over here and here.

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