Neel interviewed by Eliptik Magzine

In a fas­ci­nat­ing piece, Ital­ian organ­ic ambi­ent pro­duc­er Neel reveals some inter­est­ing thoughts about Pho­bos. Pho­bos was the name of his lat­est and great­est album and is also the name of a moon orbit­ing Mars. In this piece he reveals his fas­ci­na­tion with it, how it inspired his album and how that project all came togeth­er from con­cept to com­ple­tion. Read it here. Pos­si­bly whilst lis­ten­ing to this recent­ly record­ed hybrid ambi­ent set, par­tial­ly based on this same project.

For more info on Neel check out his full artist pro­file over here.

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