Peter van Hoesen readies Stealth

This November will see Peter Van Hoesen release a compilation and mix on

his own label Time To Express. Entitled Stealth, the compilation will

come in digital and triple vinyl format, and also CDs will be made

exclusively as a gift for some lucky visitors at shows during the tour.

The mix itself pairs Peter's own music with sounds from his peers that

have influenced him. As such Voices from the Lake, Mike Parker, John

Elliot and Yves De Mey all make the cut and the resulting journey is a

seamless and streamlined techno excision with a real sense of trance

inducing hypnotism tying it all together. This is another finely

conceived, well focussed project from the ever evolutionary mind of one

of techno's finest artists. You can check out the full tracklist and artwork on RA.

For more info on Peter Van Hoesen check out his full artist profile over here.

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