Peter van Hoesen readies Stealth

This Novem­ber will see Peter Van Hoe­sen release a com­pi­la­tion and mix on 

his own label Time To Express. Enti­tled Stealth, the com­pi­la­tion will

come in dig­i­tal and triple vinyl for­mat, and also CDs will be made

exclu­sive­ly as a gift for some lucky vis­i­tors at shows dur­ing the tour.

The mix itself pairs Peter’s own music with sounds from his peers that

have influ­enced him. As such Voic­es from the Lake, Mike Park­er, John

Elliot and Yves De Mey all make the cut and the result­ing jour­ney is a 

seam­less and stream­lined tech­no exci­sion with a real sense of trance

induc­ing hyp­no­tism tying it all togeth­er. This is anoth­er fine­ly

con­ceived, well focussed project from the ever evo­lu­tion­ary mind of one

of tech­no’s finest artists. You can check out the full track­list and art­work on RA.

For more info on Peter Van Hoe­sen check out his full artist pro­file over here.

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