Marco Shuttle EP & Video release

Mar­co Shut­tle is leav­ing Lon­don with a ten minute music and video ode to the Eng­lish cap­i­tal. Enti­tled Back Here’, named and cre­at­ed after his return to the UK city a few years ago, the video fea­tures bird’s eye footage of some­one run­ning the streets and pass­ing by indus­tri­al areas, urban conur­ba­tions, foot­ball sta­di­ums and more, and comes with a dark, hyp­not­ic sound­track that per­fect­ly cap­tures the men­ace of the streets. As well as that, his EP Sing Like A Bird (Reprise)’ is out now on his Eerie label. It fea­tures a new ver­sion of the title-track that was orig­i­nal­ly released on Time to Express as well as Back Here’ from the music video.

For more info on Mar­co Shut­tle check out his full artist pro­file over here.

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