Marco Shuttle interview

Input Selec­tor have also been speak­ing to the Eerie boss and Time to Express and Bunker asso­ciate Mar­co Shut­tle. Known for mak­ing detailed, intri­cate tech­no that is organ­ic and hyp­not­ic, he has spo­ken about mov­ing to Ams­ter­dam (still search­ing for a house there by the way, if you, dear read­er, should know a place..) and why he likes to switch up his home towns so reg­u­lar­ly, as well as his cre­ative out­put and lat­est sin­gle Sing Like A Bird (Reprise) as well as much more. Read the inter­est­ing inter­view here.

For more info on Mar­co Shut­tle check out his full artist pro­file over here.

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