Soichi Terada stays busy

Well known to house lovers around the world, influ­en­tial Far East boss Soichi Ter­a­da has been cut­ting up dance floors all over Europe in recent weeks. Tour­ing with the Rush Hour fam­i­ly that put out his bril­liant recent ret­ro­spec­tive com­pi­la­tion, he has been filmed play­ing one of his mes­mer­ic and melod­i­cal­ly mag­i­cal live shows in Tokyo by RA (watch it here) and got reviewed at the gig by that same site (read it here) and also sat down for a chat with the Japan Times. In that inter­view he talks about his first for­ays into music, his live show and his rela­tion­ship with the New York scene of the 90s. It’s a great read from a great character. 

For more info on Soichi Ter­a­da check out his full artist pro­file over here.

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