Stealth part 1 available on vinyl

Peter Van Hoe­sens Stealth com­pi­la­tion is out for a while now, and for those who enjoyed the med­i­ta­tive, stripped down and hyp­not­ic tech­no sounds it offered up, there is more good news: six tracks tak­en from the com­pi­la­tion will be released on three sep­a­rate vinyl releas­es, the first of this series just land­ed this week. It fea­tures Peter’s remix of Bee Mask and his own Breach track, both of which show his mas­tery of elon­gat­ed and absorb­ing elec­tron­ic forms. Find more info and order here.

For more info on Peter Van Hoe­sen check out his full artist pro­file over here.

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