Marco Shuttle's Lullabies

Eerie label boss Mar­co Shut­tle is known for his com­pelling and oth­er­world­ly sets and pro­duc­tions, and has cooked up anoth­er such offer­ing for Lul­la­bies for Insom­ni­acs. His odd 70 minute mix is a per­fect­ly paced jour­ney into moody atmos­pheres, weight­less ambi­ent and bliss­ful­ly beat­less sounds, bird calls, hand drums and flutes that take you far away from the real world. Tune in to the fas­ci­nat­ing and ambi­tious selec­tion, here.

For more info on Mar­co Shut­tle check out his full artist pro­file over here.

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