Occult Orientated Crime lands on Dekmantel

One of the many aliases of Dutch force Legowelt, Occult Orientated Crime is when the unstoppable artist serves up his cosmic ambient soundscapes.

This time he has done so in mini LP for­mat for the folks at Dek­man­tel and you can hear the mag­i­cal­ly melod­ic, sci-fi and spine tin­gling­ly emo­tive sounds that result on their Sound­cloud. Dan­ny Wolfers him­self: Most or near­ly all music from PC does­n’t have a beat because it is often unnec­es­sary, it dis­tracts from the melody or what should be processed in the mind of the lis­ten­er. The melodies, sounds and struc­ture itself are enough to bring the lis­ten­er into a cer­tain mindset.” 

For more info on Legow­elt’s Occult Ori­en­tat­ed Crime alias check out the full artist pro­file over here

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