New Sassy J mixes online

Our newest sign­ing Sassy J has a cou­ple of new mix­es online. The first is her guest spot on Ben­ji B’s Radio 1 show back in sum­mer and is a one hour ses­sion of gor­geous soul, jazz and dub as well as some lo-fi house, all of which is colour­ful and pas­sion­ate from start to fin­ish. The sec­ond is her Libra Mix, this time going slight­ly fur­ther from this plan­et with ambi­ent, space jazz, cos­mic dub and many more inter­galac­tic treats all stay­ing ful­ly hor­i­zon­tal. Tune in to both here.

For more info on Sassy J check out her full artist pro­file over here.

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