Welcome to The Hacker

We are growing again! Our latest new signing is long standing and influential French artist The Hacker, aka Michel Amato.

The Hack­er has done every­thing from elec­tro to avant-garde tech­no since 1996. Always going his own way and mak­ing his own sin­gu­lar sounds that have result­ed in plen­ty of clas­sics for labels such as Dif­fer­ent and his own imprint Zone, to this day he stands as a walk­ing ode to the pow­er of the synthesizer.

In 2015, Michel began a new, 100% ana­logue live project called Ama­to. It is influ­enced by his first true love of New Wave, the force of dark­ened ear­ly tech­no and the vis­cer­al nature of EBM. As such, we are now extreme­ly excit­ed to offer both The Hack­er DJ and Ama­to live for any and all bookings.

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