New DJ Nobu EP on Bitta

After a while on the road lay­ing down his var­ied yet vital sets and pick­ing up new admir­ers every­where, Japan’s DJ Nobu final­ly treats us to a new EP on his own Bit­ta label.

The unpre­dictable Future Ter­ror pro­mot­er serves up two tracks: the first, Koko’, is a mul­ti-lay­ered bit of IDM and tech­no with mind melt­ing sci-fi melodies that tie you in real knots. The sec­ond is an edit that is less hur­ried, more gloopy, but still sounds like you are trapped inside a mal­func­tion­ing com­put­er. It’s oth­er­world­ly stuff that comes com­plete with remix­es from Iori and Takaa­ki Itoh.

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