Unfolding The Future With Danny Wolfers

The one and only pro­lif­ic mas­ter Legow­elt has revert­ed to Dan­ny Wolfers, his own name, for a new album, Unfold­ing The Future With Ama­teur Space Jazz, due out on his Nightwind label on April 27th.

Touch­ing on lo-fi min­i­mal wave, cos­mic space jazz, spir­i­tu­al soul, G‑FUNK, ethiopi­an jazz to ambi­ent and lots more besides, it has typ­i­cal­ly DIY feel in both the music and the art­work (the album comes with a 24 page graph­ic nov­el made by the man him­self). You can check out sam­ples here where you will be imme­di­ate­ly trans­port­ed to a dreamy world of sus­pen­so­ry synths and undu­lat­ing pads that emp­ty your brain of all thoughts. 

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