Sendai at Intonal Festival reviewed

Ahead of their performance in Octopus’ hometown Amsterdam this weekend their recent show at Intonal in Malmö was reviewed, leaving us highly anticipating.

Sounds Of A Tired City reviewed the show, where the duo plays their new setup, by saying: “In their works you will find all the elements all at once, silence pitched against loudness, droning against strong rhythms in a scattered tonal world seemingly co-improvised on stage. The concentration is total, and the audience follows suite. This proved to be one of the strongest efforts this year”. Read the review in full here.

Peter Van Hoesen and Yves De Mey, who together subvert expectation, cook-up unusual rhythmic patterns, absorbing techno textures and dark drones, as duo remained offline till now. Follow the pair on their newly set-up Facebook page. 

Catch them live in Amsterdam on May 13th at Shelter during Fiber Festival.

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