Legowelt new album "Legendary Freaks In The Trash Of Time"

The one and only Legow­elt keeps up his famous­ly high qual­i­ty and busy rate of releas­es with the announce­ment of a new album called Leg­endary Freaks In The Trash Of Time.

The album comes on Clone in late Octo­ber and is a vivid col­lec­tion of twelve genre-defy­ing tracks, from late-night her­mit house to Mem­phis rap influ­enced slow­jam elec­tro, from Ami­ga 1200 tech­no­rave to cos­mic space­weed trance, includ­ing the whole uni­verse in between. All blend­ed togeth­er in a mix of sub­dued sen­su­al­i­ty and psy­che­del­ic splen­dour, this album is flavoured with Legow­elts typ­i­cal crunchy LO-FI sam­pler and syn­the­siz­er aes­thet­ic.” It is music for mis­fits, witch­es, dream­ers, cyber­punks, out­siders, geeks, and freaks. Legow­elts peo­ple.”

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