RA Sessions: Legowelt

Later this year, the one and only Legowelt is to release a new album on his regular home of Clone. Ahead of its release, he packed up a trunk of gear including an Electribe, 707, Bass Station, JX-3P and other machines and head to the RA office in London.

He then set up and proceeded to play the longest RA Session ever, including versions of two tracks from the album. It is a mystical, magical, musical set that he said he wanted “to make it a little bit like, space jazzy or something,” before recognising his live sets might get “a little bit chaotic, it can go all kinds of ways I guess” and adding “I live by the sea so while I was preparing this I heard the seagulls outside and it fit the music perfectly so I put it in the sampler.” Sit back and enjoy the show.

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