Sets from Dekmantel Selectors stage

The Selec­tors stage under a huge and beau­ti­ful weep­ing wil­low tree is one of the most ion­ic of the annu­al Dek­man­tel Festival. 

Now, you can relive some of the most mag­i­cal sets that unfold­ed there, includ­ing Inter­stel­lar Funk and Dek­man­tel Soundsys­tem. In just over an hour, the for­mer cranks up through the gears from space odd­i­ties to stomp­ing machine dis­co to hym­nal synth jams, and the lat­ter spend two hours explor­ing heavy and dubbed out elec­tron­i­ca, pro­to-dis­co, funked up house and afro jams that will kick start any par­ty. More will be added soon but already there is plen­ty to tuck into.

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