L.I.E.S. release party: Ron Morelli recording at La Station

You can now listen back to more then an hour of the New Yorker's set from the Parisian club which originally aired on IntergalaticFM.

Now sta­tioned in Paris the L.I.E.S boss has been strong­ly rep­re­sent­ing the imprint and its sound through­out the city and the rest of Europe. Octo­ber saw him play as a spe­cial guest for the release par­ty of Krikor Kouch­i­an-Pacif­ic Alley’ which marked the 98th release on L.I.E.S. Over the course of 70 min­utes, he grace­ful­ly glides through tough jack­ing and beat tracks with a 707 kick being a run­ning theme through­out. In the lat­ter half, he picks up the pace with big acid cuts and tracks by artists such as Drex­ciya and Unit Moebius.

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