Legowelt Album Tour

In addition to the release of his new full-length LP  ‘Legendary Freaks In The Trash Of Time’ the inimitable Legowelt takes to the road for an Album Tour.

Covering shows across Europe and stretching out to the US the tour is a pleasing mixture of club nights, in-stores and radio shows. He will showcase a brand new live set (check his previous RA Sessions) as well as his always surprising and limitless DJ sets. It is music for ‘misfits, witches, dreamers, cyberpunks, outsiders, geeks, and freaks. Legowelt’s people.’ With the album flying off the shelves the tour makes for a great opportunity to catch your favourite tracks live in their purest form. If your still yet to check out the 12 track LP,  you can do so here

27-10 Griessmuehle, Berlin
03-11 Clone Instore, Rotterdam
04-11 Claire, Amsterdam
11-11 Warehouse, Los Angeles
17-11 The Lower Level, Boston
18-11 The LOT Radio, New York
18-11 Output, New York
24-11 Rex Club, Paris
25-11 PIP, The Hague
08-12 Control Club, Bucharest
09-12 BAR, Rotterdam
15-12 Projekt Lab, Poznan
16-12 Nr. z. P., Bielefeld
22-12 Private, Moscow
26-12 Shelter, Amsterdam
30-12 About Blank, Berlin
31-12 Paradigm, Groningen
01-01 Uebel & Gefahrlich, Hamburg

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