Interstellar Funk and Orpheu the Wizard Dekmantel Selectors sets

Last sum­mer in Croa­t­ia, Dek­man­tel had both Inter­stel­lar Funk and Orpheu the Wiz­ard play under the Croa­t­ian sun. 

The for­mer spent two hours serv­ing up a cos­mic elec­tron­ic trip with new wave beats, shim­mer­ing post-dis­co, mys­tic deep house and more abra­sive elec­tro. It packed a lot in and you can lis­ten back below.

Mean­while, Orpheu played back to back with Jamie Tiller (the Music From Mem­o­ry boss) and the pair kept things per­fect­ly sun kissed and hor­i­zon­tal for near­ly four hours. From loose steel drums to cos­mic house to afro kissed funk, it’s a warm­ing jour­ney that you can now relive.

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