Jordan GCZ & Move D's latest EP 'Urgence'

Worlds collided again as Jordan of Juju & Jordash collaborated further with Move D.

From cre­at­ing projects like Mag­ic Moun­tain High to work­ing togeth­er on albums like Live In Seat­tle Jor­dan GCZ and Move D are more than son­i­cal­ly well acquaint­ed. On a short hia­tus since their last release togeth­er in 2015, the pair reassem­bled some­where in Ams­ter­dam this year to cre­ate this moody 2 track EP. The A‑side is a tight­ly packed chug­ger, with drift­ing pads, deep stabs and sub­tle grooves. How­ev­er, the flip side which is the more melod­ic cut of the two has brighter, more play­ful rhythms built around pul­sat­ing, tripped out synth lines. Check it out here.

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