Hunee - Hunchin' All Night Compilation

Hunee compiles 12 of his favourite cuts to work on the dance floor which is set to be released on Rush Hour Records.

Com­ing to you mid-March the com­pi­la­tion offers a wide range of orig­i­nals and edits avail­able on vinyl, CD or dig­i­tal for­mats. You could say the com­pi­la­tion is a great rep­re­sen­ta­tion of his DJ sets with a selec­tion that cov­ers sev­er­al con­ti­nents, decades and gen­res. Down­tem­po afro cuts sit along­side, synth-fuelled dis­co, clas­sic house and melod­ic tech­no.

You can lis­ten to an exten­sive pre­view of the com­pi­la­tion below which includes tracks from the likes of Chica­go and Detroit leg­ends Lar­ry heard and Ken­ny Larkin to more sought out names like Aby Ngana Diop, Bon­cana Maiga and Pat Thomas.

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