Octopus Agents welcomes Gesloten Cirkel

When Gesloten Cirkel releases music, the world takes note, even though no-one knows who is behind it. 

A real mythology has built up around the always fascinating artist, and each of his EPs sell out in quick time, often getting strong reviews from press, DJs and dancers alike. His music mostly comes on I-F’s Murder Capital Records and combines techno, acid and electro in wild and wonderful new ways. With cues from Detroit, Chicago and The Hague, his tracks are devastating for the dance floor but more than just functional forms, they are characterful efforts with colorful riffs, clever vocal effects and arresting arrangements. It has made that, over the years, modern classics such as ‘Twisted Balloon’ and ‘Submit X’ have appeared in many top track lists. 

All this means we are proud to say that Gesloten Cirkel is now available for live bookings, so get in touch with Flip for more information. 

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