Max Abysmal debut release on Safe Trip

The long-awaited debut EP from Max Abysmal is finally here! 

Max Abysmal is one of latest selectors to emerge from Amsterdam’s vibrant music scene. Over the past few years, Max has become one of those names you could be found all around town. But, it’s not only on the dance floor where Abysmal excels, his left-of-centre, off-kilter magic is also channelled through the studio. After great anticipation, his debut release under his latest moniker lands on Young Marco’s Safe Trip imprint. 

The two-track EP titled ‘Sutekh’s Mirage / Donna, Don’t Stop’ is a melodic affair that sets a great platform for Max’s future releases. In ‘Sutekh’s Mirage’ Max uses dazzlingly and colourful melodic pattern and passages of percussion that reference polyrhythms. “Donna, Don’t Stop”, however, features rising and falling electronic motifs capable of inducing trance-like states in those untrained in listening to electronic music this potent and emotive.    

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