Donato Dozzy live stream DJ set for RA

The techno heavyweight was asked to perform a no boundaries DJ set for Resident Advisor.

Whether it is his productions, collaborations or DJ and live sets Donato Dozzy is someone widely known for his exemplary contributions to techno and experimental music. But as an artist, he is also someone who also has a lot to offer outside of that.

If you are familiar with the recording of his DJ set from Terraforma Festival last year you’ll know that upon request the Italian native can push boundaries and showcase a wider source of his musical influences. With this in mind, Resident Advisor called upon him to do exactly that in what they called a ‘No Boundaries set’ at their Alternate Cuts party in Manchester.

Over the course of 2 hours, he immaculately blended ambient, hip-hop, acid, techno and drum & bass whilst filling the gaps with many unpredictable cuts. Lock in below!

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