Donato Dozzy & collaborate for Spazio Disponibile

Old friends and techno favourites Donato Dozzy & form ‘Le Officine Di Efesto’ for the 13th release on Spazio Disponibile. 

You may be familiar with the name ‘Le Officine Di Efesto’ already as it was the title of the duo’s collaborative EP released on Svreca’s Semantica label back in 2015. Having regrouped with similar experimental ideas the title see’s light once again giving an artist name for their collaborative efforts. 

The EP consists of 5 experimental tracks that to no surprise push boundaries in their execution. Cuts ‘Aminos’ and ‘Ode to Carbon’ are beatless affairs that blend sinister synth lines with ambient ideas. Tracks ‘Sulphur 16’ and ‘Searching For H2O ’ are two downtempo chuggers making ‘Plasma Hymn’ the real powerhouse track set for the dancefloor. Once again Spazio Disponibile proves their resilient efforts to push boundaries and fresh ideas. Get a taste below. 

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