Legowelt Boiler Room Santiago

The enigmatic synth wizard known as Legowelt served up an audacious ‘thumping 808 live set’ for the Boiler Room BUD x Santiago addition. 

Alongside names like Veronica Vasicka, Powell, VNZO and DJ Python the versatile Hague native put his skills to use showcasing his undeniable talent as one of the most impressive live sets out there. 

Armed with his usual studio toys and the iconic Roland 808 Legowelt wasted no time and dived straight into his hour-long performance with dreamy pads, unpredictable synth lines whilst pushing the 808 to its limits. Touching on everything from techno to electro to acid the mix is a neat blend of classic Legowelt cuts and spontanious jamming. Sit back and enjoy the show here. 

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