Legowelt Boiler Room Santiago

The enig­mat­ic synth wiz­ard known as Legow­elt served up an auda­cious thump­ing 808 live set’ for the Boil­er Room BUD x San­ti­a­go addition. 

Along­side names like Veron­i­ca Vasic­ka, Pow­ell, VNZO and DJ Python the ver­sa­tile Hague native put his skills to use show­cas­ing his unde­ni­able tal­ent as one of the most impres­sive live sets out there. 

Armed with his usu­al stu­dio toys and the icon­ic Roland 808 Legow­elt wast­ed no time and dived straight into his hour-long per­for­mance with dreamy pads, unpre­dictable synth lines whilst push­ing the 808 to its lim­its. Touch­ing on every­thing from tech­no to elec­tro to acid the mix is a neat blend of clas­sic Legow­elt cuts and spon­tan­ious jam­ming. Sit back and enjoy the show here. 

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