Legowelt treats us to a new DJ mix

The Hague native serves up anoth­er explo­ration through obscure elec­tron­ic sounds in the form of a DJ mix.

More wide­ly known for his genius pro­duc­tions and inspir­ing live sets ded­i­cat­ed fans know to keep their eyes peeled for any­thing com­ing out of the Legow­elt camp. From his Mem­phis rap mix­es to the occa­sion­al pod­cast his DJ mix­es always have a lot to offer and often come across as a les­son into a sub-genre you prob­a­bly don’t know much about. 

In this case, The Mas­ter­piece Soci­ety — DJ Mix’ shows Legow­elts eclec­tic abil­i­ties as a selec­tor dip­ping and div­ing through every­thing from Mem­phis rap, elec­tro, tech­no, dis­co and of course that raw grit­ty house sound every­body knows him for. Tak­ing you down to low­est lows and all the way back up again the unpre­dictable nature of this mix should keep you well enter­tained. Get an ear­ful below!

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