Legowelt treats us to a new DJ mix

The Hague native serves up another exploration through obscure electronic sounds in the form of a DJ mix.

More widely known for his genius productions and inspiring live sets dedicated fans know to keep their eyes peeled for anything coming out of the Legowelt camp. From his Memphis rap mixes to the occasional podcast his DJ mixes always have a lot to offer and often come across as a lesson into a sub-genre you probably don’t know much about. 

In this case, ‘The Masterpiece Society - DJ Mix’ shows Legowelt’s eclectic abilities as a selector dipping and diving through everything from Memphis rap, electro, techno, disco and of course that raw gritty house sound everybody knows him for. Taking you down to lowest lows and all the way back up again the unpredictable nature of this mix should keep you well entertained. Get an earful below!

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