Marco Shuttle debuts on Lavibe

The Eerie label boss provides the A-side to a split EP with Bambounou. 

The EP will form the debut release for the new­ly formed French imprint Lav­ibe. Lav­ibe is the newest adven­ture from Con­crete’s founder and artis­tic direc­tor Brice Coud­ert. The label will be a plat­form for the club own­er to sup­port and explore his love for deep techno. 

The two track­’s in this first release come from Con­crete reg­u­lar Mar­co Shut­tle and local favourite Bam­bounou. With only a minute teas­er of each track they’ve giv­en lit­tle away but enough to feel the spooky stripped back vibe Mar­co’s addi­tion has in store. With no release date yet con­firmed we sug­gest you keep your eyes peeled for updates! Get a feel for it below and read the words from RA here.

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