Neel in conversation with Beat à l'air

Ahead of the Spazio Disponi­bile show­case at Con­crete French out­let Beat­a­lair had some ques­tions for the label co-founder. 

Avail­able in both French and Eng­lish the inter­view is a well-exe­cut­ed blend of pro­vok­ing ques­tions and exten­sive answers. With­out giv­ing too much away, the back and forth affair touch­es on sub­jects such as; the form­ing of Voic­es From The Lake, their ethos behind mak­ing music, Spazio Disponi­bile events and the pro­found impact Italy has had on elec­tron­ic music. Some­thing to take away from this inter­view would def­i­nite­ly be the warm sen­ti­ments Neel clos­es with about the rela­tion between the per­former and the audi­ence and how col­lec­tive­ly they form the night. Read more here.

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