Neel on Rinse FM France for the Raw Imprint takeover

Neel put togeth­er an hour-long radio show for Raw Imprint on their Rinse FM France takeover.

The Spazio Disponi­bile co-founder hit the Rinse FM air­waves for the Raw imprint takeover along­side artists such as Nor­man Nodge, Par Grind­vik and Sin­fol & Octual. 

Over the course of his hour-long addi­tion, Neel show­cased his pas­sion for deep, spacey tech­no leav­ing no stone unturned. Includ­ing tracks from the likes of Emmanuel Top, Archi­tec­tur­al and Peter Van Hoe­sen the mix is a wicked blend of the old and the new and is a fine exam­ple of Neels for­ward-think­ing approach to select­ing records. Immerse your­self in the mix below. 

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