Palms Trax at Brilliant Corners for Resident Advisor

The diverse selector was called upon by Resident Advisor for their party at Brilliant Corners in London. 

Over recent years Resident Advisor has focused more and more on curating events that play host to some of the worlds best and most in-demand selectors often housing them in one-off or unlikely locations. And that’s exactly whats in store for you here when they invited Palms Trax to play at the London based Japanese restaurant Brilliant Corners. 

A 90-minute extract of the 5-hour set can now be relived and it is a joyous ride through heartfelt soul and groove-filled disco. Despite being widely known as a prime-time choice the English native showcases his abilities to warm up a dancefloor with this downtempo affair that’s got people buzzing for a full tracklist. Check it out here. 

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