Thomas Martojo on Rinse FM

The Dek­man­tel Soundsys­tem radio show on Rin­seFM con­tin­ues this month with Thomas Martojo.

Every third Sat­ur­day of the month the Dek­man­tel duo take it in turns in host­ing a 2‑hour long radio show for Rin­seFm. The res­i­den­cy is a great insight into their indi­vid­ual styles and is host­ed this month by Thomas Martojo. 

The show cov­ers a lot of ground and was no doubt craft­ed with the inten­tion to get you mov­ing. It’s play­ful, melod­ic and ener­giz­ing show­ing lots of 80’s influ­ence but still find­ing time to incor­po­rate excit­ing cuts from the present.

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