Do you know about Legowelt's Astro Unicorn radio show?

Telekom electronic beats explore the archives of Legowelt’s mysterious radio show.

Astro Unicorn Radio was a radio show Legowelt hosted on the infamous Hague based station Intergalactic FM. The show ran between the years of 2007 - 2011 and treat its listeners to a wide variety of electronic music from haunting film soundtracks and mournful new age to cosmic disco and pulsating electro. 

You could find occasional guest appearances from the likes of Ron Morelli and Veronica Vasciska reporting on everything from new music to current affairs. As they put it in the article in the link below ‘Astro Unicorn Radio was everything you wanted a radio show to be’. Get a sample of two of the shows on the Telekom website here. Or for a full list, you can head to the Intergalactic FM Mixcloud page here.  

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