Donato Dozzy announces new album on Tresor

The Spazio Disponi­bile co-founder will release his third album on Tre­sor next month. 

The release will mark the 303rd release on Tre­sor and is fit­ting­ly named Filo Loves The Acid.’ Aside from pay­ing homage to the Roland TB-303 the LP is also ded­i­cat­ed to Dona­to’s close friend, Filo. 

At present, the only insight to the eight-track album is the pre­view of Back’ which you will find below, tak­en from the RA web­site. It’s an instant pulse rais­er packed with swelling acid lines and sparse drum hits. Cun­ning­ly the 4 and half minute long pre­view sets high expec­ta­tions for its release on July 13th. Don’t snooze on this one!

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