Legowelt lands on Isle Of Jura compilation

Isle Of Jura is launch­ing a new com­pi­la­tion series named Trans­mis­sion One’ that fea­tures an old track from the Legow­elt vaults. 

In the labels own words, Trans­mis­sion One is the first in a series of com­pi­la­tions by Jura Soundsys­tem fea­tur­ing a blend of dub, ambi­ent, down-tem­po, boo­gie and pro­to-house with a focus on music nev­er before released on vinyl, sought after out-of-print titles and some spe­cial ver­sions edit­ed specif­i­cal­ly for the album.” 

Legow­elts addi­tion to the com­pi­la­tion comes under his Smack­os alias that had remained dor­mant for sev­er­al years up until a full-length album in 2017. We Can Watch Alf In The Hotel Room’ was orig­i­nal­ly released on CD‑R in 2007 on the lengthy 20 track album Pacif­ic North­west Sasquatch Research. The cut will see its first release on vinyl July 6th and you can check out its dreamy ambi­ent tones here. 

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