Marco Shuttle back on Spazio Disponibile

Marco Shuttle is no stranger to Neel and Donato Dozzy's label thanks to his Systhema album last year and Flauto Synthetico EP the year before that. For his third instalment on Spazio Disponibile, the fellow Italian provides 4 tracks with refreshing experimental ideas.

Trop­i­calia is a per­fect exam­ple of the del­i­cate crafts­man­ship Mar­co Shut­tle approach­es his music with. Across the four tracks he explores through the sweet spot between pro­gres­sive rep­e­ti­tion and sub­tle changes. Aur­al Dawn, Instan­tan and the title track Trop­i­calia are all ambi­ent works cen­tered around haunt­ed sound­scapes with metic­u­lous­ly placed drums hits that tie the tracks togeth­er. Con­vo­lute is the only cut that poss­es con­sis­tent drum rhythms, it’s a slow-burn­ing chug­ger with spi­ral­ing alien motifs and plen­ty of punch in the low ends. The whole Trop­i­calia EP is anoth­er reminder of Mar­co Shut­tle’s resilient efforts to explore through end­less pos­si­bil­i­ties elec­tron­ic music has to offer. Avail­able here.

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