Neel knocks out a remix for Mental Modern

The renowned mastering engineer is called upon once again for his exceptional remix skills. 

When reflecting on Neel’s releases and remixes from the past couple of years it becomes very clear that Italian based imprints focused on deep techno are popping up more and more. As a pioneer of this movement, Neel is often called upon for musical wisdom by these up-and-coming labels and that’s exactly what’s on offer here with his remix for Mental Modern. 

The ‘Argonaut’ EP is a 5 track release from fellow Italian producer Laertes that features three originals and a remix from both Neel and Polar Inertia. The Spazio Disponible co-founder turns the title cut into a more direct, low end driven alternative. Stripping out the ambience and raising up the tempo Neel’s version takes the after party feel of the original straight to the peak hour of the dancefloor. 

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