Neel knocks out a remix for Mental Modern

The renowned mas­ter­ing engi­neer is called upon once again for his excep­tion­al remix skills. 

When reflect­ing on Neels releas­es and remix­es from the past cou­ple of years it becomes very clear that Ital­ian based imprints focused on deep tech­no are pop­ping up more and more. As a pio­neer of this move­ment, Neel is often called upon for musi­cal wis­dom by these up-and-com­ing labels and that’s exact­ly what’s on offer here with his remix for Men­tal Modern. 

The Arg­onaut’ EP is a 5 track release from fel­low Ital­ian pro­duc­er Laertes that fea­tures three orig­i­nals and a remix from both Neel and Polar Iner­tia. The Spazio Disponible co-founder turns the title cut into a more direct, low end dri­ven alter­na­tive. Strip­ping out the ambi­ence and rais­ing up the tem­po Neels ver­sion takes the after par­ty feel of the orig­i­nal straight to the peak hour of the dancefloor. 

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