Svreca On The 5th Day Podcast + Interview

Svreca celebrates his collaboration with On The 5th Day with music and answers. 

After making a highly impressionable debut for the London based event last year Svreca agreed on a residency with the outlet for the duration of 2018. The residency would see Svreca co-curate three seperate lineups with its first of three already being a great success. 

Ahead of their second edition in July with ASC and Hydrangea the Madrid based techno heavyweight served up the latest addition to their podcast series. The two and half hour long endeavor embodies both Svreca’s and his Semantica label in full with an offering of deep techno of the highest calibre. Alongside the podcast, you can also find a short interview with the man himself, here, that touches on his label, the scene and his approach to DJ’ing.

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