Welcome Jamie Tiller!

One-time record dealer and former buyer for cult record store Redlight Records, Jamie Tiller has over the last few years built himself a reputation as one of the finest selectors on the European continent.

On an end­less quest to find the most amaz­ing music you have nev­er heard, he is also one of the mas­ter­minds behind one of the most revered labels around today, Music From Mem­o­ry, as well as sub-label Sec­ond Cir­cle. Nev­er con­strained by genre nor tem­po, his musi­cal taste is reflect­ed in his DJ sets, cov­er­ing a wide spec­trum of music from African elec­tron­ics to Japan­ese Wave, odd­ball House to deviant Pop.

For all future book­ing, con­tact Matt here.

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